Green Manufacturing Product Line

Our patented design gives you the ability to rotate each tooth to a new edge in a matter of seconds using only a standard wrench. This allows for up to three fresh cutting edges! You do not even have to remove the pocket! The result is a longer cutting life from each tooth!

We designed our teeth with a carbide concave dish as the cutting edge. This innovative design allows Greenteeth to shear rather than shred. Shearing is a smoother motion that requires less power exertion from the machine and allows for faster, more efficient stump cutting.

All of our pockets and bolts are made with through-hardened alloy steel. Greenteeth are manufactured using specifically formulated carbide to offer you a high quality tooth with a long cutting life. They are designed to work on all standard cutting wheels. Each tooth fits securely into each pocket with no gauging required. We mean it when we say, 30 seconds to a new cutting edge!

The Series 1100 Pockets and Teeth

The 1100 Series

The 1100 series Greenteeth is a re-design of our original one size fits all tooth and pocket system. The unique design of the 1100 series allows the pockets to fit on almost every stump grinder. Because of this, the 1100 series has found a place in stump grinding applications worldwide. The carbide on the 1100 Greenteeth measures just over an inch in diameter and the shank has a diameter of 1/2 inch. These teeth and pockets are designed to be used on machines with greater than 90 horsepower.The 1100 series is the largest series manufactured today.

The 1100 Series is designed to be used for machines with 90 or more horsepower

Specs for the 1100 Series

The LoPro Series

After years of continuous research and development, the LoPro Series was introduced in 2006. The LoPro design combines an increased tooth diameter and a reduced pocket thickness which allows for a 3/4 inch clearance between the side of the pocket and the stump.

The clearance prevents the pocket from rubbing against the stump, which significantly reduces pocket wear and improves overall performance of your stump cutter machine. The LoPro pocket and teeth design is available in three series - 500, 700 & 900.

The LoPro Series Pockets and Teeth

The 900 LoPro Series is designed to be used for machines with horsepower 35-90

Specs for the 900 LoPro Series

The 700 LoPro Series is designed to be used for machines with horsepower 18-35

Specs for the 700 LoPro Series

The 500 LoPro Series is designed to be used for machines with horsepower under 18

Specs for the 500 LoPro Series