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500 Series LoPro®

The 500 series are appropriate for most machines under 20hp. Available in a straight & and angle pocket, these pockets take the 500 series Greenteeth®.

Greenteeth on white TSP large.png

For our 500 Series LoPro® pockets, we offer both the Red & Green series of Greenteeth®. 

With a deeper concave, the Red tooth allows for a faster sweep speed but are only recommended for soil conditions with little to no rock.

Compared to the Red, the concave of the Green tooth is a bit more shallow, making the Green tooth a better choice for Rocky soil conditions. 

LoPro® Bolt

 LoPro® bolts make up for the shortcomings of standard Allen bolts. 

  • Designed specifically to fit the angled shoulder of the LoPro® pockets

  • larger surface area on the angled shoulder for greater holding power

  • 1/2" Allen Drive

  • Smooth shank that reduces wheel wear

  • Grade 8 Heat treated for superior wear resistance.


GREEN-SEIZE™ is a premium anti-seize compound composed of fine copper and graphite powders in a high-heat organic carrier. We recommend lubricating the threads of the pocket bolts to make removal easier.


We recommend visiting our machine setup page to see which series is recommend for your machine.

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