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The high performance Quadwheel® 

has about a 15" gap between the sets of teeth, giving you a faster sweep speed.

With only 4 Holders & 12 Teeth, the Quadwheel® offers maximum cutting power.

The key behind the exceptional performance is the strategically placed gaps between the sets of teeth.

With only one set of teeth engaged at a time, your motor has a chance to regain RPM before starting the next cut.

The placement of the tooth holders are off-center. This places the teeth nuts on the center line of the wheel where they are best protected from wear.

The tooth holder also places the teeth off the face of the wheel, significantly reducing wheel wear.


100% CNC machined & grade 8 heat treated, the replaceable mounting blocks & tooth holders are designed for high wear resistance.

We recommend visiting our machine setup page to see all available options for your machine.

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