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 SC30TX Replacement Wheel


Designed specifically for the 30TX 

Vermeer 30TX Wheel TSP

Through extensive testing, Green Manufacturing designed an upgrade wheel specifically for the Vermeer SC30TX. Due to compatibility issues, the stock wheel would not accept our teeth & pockets. To solve this, we offer a Greenteeth® Replacement Wheel designed specifically for this unit.

The Replacement wheel uses only 8 Pockets. The separation between the teeth allows your machine to regain RPM before starting the next cut. Also, fewer teeth means less drag!


Through extensive research & development, we found a way to improve upon our original Greenteeth® by altering the concave of the tooth. The patented design of the Wearsharp® allows the tooth to retain a sharp cutting surface, unlike traditional teeth that tend to round over.


Made with the same high quality carbide as Greenteeth®, the Wearsharp® teeth provide a consistent cut throughout the life of the tooth.

Stump grinder tooth

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All our new setups are backed by a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

We recommend visiting our machine setup to see what wheels are compatible with your machine

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