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 SC30TX Replacement Wheel

Designed specifically for the 30TX 


The Greenteeth® Replacement wheel uses only 8 Pockets. The separation between the teeth allows your machine to regain RPM before starting the next cut. Also, fewer teeth means less drag!


Through extensive research & development, we found a way to improve upon our original Greenteeth® by altering the concave of the tooth. The patented design of the Wearsharp® allows the tooth to retain a sharp cutting surface, unlike traditional teeth that tend to round over.


Made with the same high quality carbide as Greenteeth®, the Wearsharp® teeth provide a consistent cut throughout the life of the tooth.


Ask us how you can get your new wheel for Free!

All our new setups are backed by a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

We recommend visiting our machine setup to see what wheels are compatible with your machine

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